Brawhalla Moves to Open Beta on Steam

Blue Mammoth Games has a new 2D fighting project, Brawlhalla, that has recently made its way to open beta. The title features an expanding assortment of warriors, all of whom desire to become the greatest fighter in history.


Matches can be played online or locally by up to eight people in numerous game modes. According to the developer, “We’ve designed Brawlhalla from the ground up to play smoothly online. We’ve also streamlined mechanics from other platform fighters to make it easy to pick up and to change main characters. We’re constantly adjusting balance and slowly adding new mechanics to the game to raise the competitive ceiling.”


Brawlhalla moved to open beta on November 3, after spending approximately one year in closed beta; that time was spent further developing the project with the help of Steam Early Access backers. The developer says that the closed beta stage was crucial in making the game what it is today.


The Early Access version of Brawlhalla is now free to play on Steam for Windows and Mac users. The developer plans on releasing biweekly updates, stating, “We’ll continue expanding Brawlhalla by adding new legends, weapons, maps, and game modes for as long as players want to keep brawling.”

For additional information, check out Brawlhalla on the official website, Facebook, and Twitter.