Bounce, Roll and Use Your Rhythm in Roll Playing Game

German studio, Feline Fuelled Games, is releasing Roll Playing Game, which in fact has absolutely nothing to do with felines or RPGs, despite the name. In it, players have a top-down view and must control a ball through platforms and rhythm-based traps, while racing against the clock to reach the end of the stage.


In Roll Playing Game, all traps and most obstacles are rhythm-based and activate according to the background music. The main objective is to learn these trap patterns to avoid getting hit by them. Another kind of obstacle in the game are giant balls, which are much bigger and faster than the player’s and will try to mow it down. These are not rhythm based though, which may add a twist to the gameplay, making the puzzles trickier.

Other obstacles, like turrets and rotating laser beams, will show up throughout the game’s 20 stages, built using Unreal Engine 4. Each stage is intended to be different than the last, presenting unique gameplay elements that will provide new challenges to players. Some secrets will also be scattered around the stages, like a hidden entrance to the holiest of all paradises, Ballhalla.


Roll Playing Game is one letter from becoming an RPG, but those who need to be convinced that it’s actually a puzzle-platformer can try out the game’s alpha for free on The game has recently been approved on Steam Greenlight and will be released for PC and Linux in Fall. Further information can be found at the game’s website and Twitter.

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