Boston Festival of Indie Games Opens Registration, Looks For Funding


The “indie spirit” is a topic we have discussed in depth here at the Indie Game Magazine.  If I was to name an event to define the “indie spirit” it would easily be the Boston Festival of Indie Games, or Boston FIG. When I attended the first Boston FIG, I had just joined the Indie Game Magazine, so when I was walking through the crowded halls of MIT, meeting all these developers who live and breathe indie games, I realized how much I wanted to be a part of not only this industry, but this culture.

Producers of Boston FIG 2013 have said they expect the number of attendees from last year, which reached over two thousand, will double with the help of a recently launched Kickstarter campaign. With nearly a third of their $15,000 goal already backed within three days, this should not be a problem. Backers of $25 or more will be rewarded with a digital game bundle of games from attending developers.


The current games in the “Figgie Bundle” are Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios, Go Home Dinosaurs by Fire Hose Games, Fish Listening to the Radio by Popcannibal, and Lost Marbles from Binary Takeover, with Debojaan’s Easiest Game Ever by Debojaan, and Moonlight – Mistress of Mischief from Lantana Games. More games will be unlocked as the campaign’s stretch goals are met.

One of the most immediately noticeable differences between Boston FIG and places like PAX is the price of admission. There isn’t one for general attendees. And if you are a game developer from the New England area, you can show off your game all day for twenty dollars, with a five dollar discount for students. The only real rules are to be indie, have a somewhat new or closely finished game, and be from the general New England area. You can sign up as an exhibitor or general attendee on the Boston FIG website.

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