Boom Dots Adds New Missions, Themes and More

Boom Dots - 04Are you fast enough to handle Boom Dots? The addictive single-tap reaction game developed by Umbrella Games for iOS and Android devices just received a huge free update. More than ever, players must be ready to dash frenetically into the other dots, aliens or oddly shaped objects. Those who have already downloaded the game can just update it, and for all the other players… free game alert!

Putting it as simply as the game itself, Boom Dots is about smashing a dot with another dot. The player moves from a level to another just by hitting the opposing dot. There’s a mission system, and the game features different themes for changing the pair of dots into more interesting objects, such as pixelated dots or Space Invader-esque aliens.                                                                    Boom Dots - 05


The update adds 60 new, challenging missions and 6 colorful themes, making a grand total of 260 missions and 26 themes available in the game. Other improvements include the addition of more colors to levels, a new leaderboard, additional stats and overall performance improvements to make the gameplay even smoother.

Boom Dots is free, with the option of in-app purchases. For those interested in knowing more about the game, head to the dev’s official website here. Or, if you’re ready to boom some dots, you can download the game for free right now, on iOS and Android.

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