Blues and Bullets: Episode 2 Screenshots Unveiled

Eliot Ness, the former leader of the infamous Untouchables, is ready to uncover more clues behind the first episode’s missing children, including Al Capone’s lost granddaughter, Sofia. A Crowd of Monsters’ Blues and Bullets is back with Episode 2, and they’ve released new screenshots, recapturing the feel of the noir of the 1930s era.


Carrying the plot over from the previous episode, the pursuit is under way for a mystery kidnapper as Eliot Ness continues his investigation. Players guide Ness as he wheedles his way through mishaps and mischief to uncover a dark, intricate path.  As he and his trusty companion Milton rummage through the clues, it’s up to Eliot to keep performing aggressively to solve what could end as a horrific nightmare.

Gameplay involves a mix of stealth, third-person shooting, and puzzles derived from clues found in the environment. Players will interact with a variety of characters both new and old, adding to the evidence that will hopefully point toward the perp.


The game features the motion-capture technology of the first episode, as well as the voice acting talents of Jules de Jongh and Doug Cockle. The graphics and music score are continued by Sonotrigger and Josue Monchán, respectively, and the game will be translated into 12 languages.

Blues and Bullets: Episode 2 is set to release in late January 2016 for Xbox One and PC for $4.99 USD. Check out the game on Steam, where the first episode can be purchased for $4.99 USD, or the entire series (Episodes 1 through 5) can be purchased for $19.99 USD. Follow A Crowd of Monsters on Twitter for the latest updates.

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