Blindfolded – The Game That Makes You Trust Your Instincts


Indie developer Christian Duesgård just released a new project on iOS mobile devices that challenges players to use their instincts after losing a primary sense. The game is titled Blindfolded, and yes, that means that you won’t be using your sight very much in order to solve puzzles.


Blindfolded is an “outside the box” puzzle/memory game that provides players with 60 levels that need to be navigated without seeing the walls and boundaries blocking the path. The game uses a minimalist design, with simple outlines for walls, a black spot as the finish line, and a red spot as the starting point. Players will be able to see the obstacles in the level right up until they touch the red dot, and then it’s all about their ability to remember the correct path, and safely navigate around the obstacles. The concept is simple, but actually navigating through the path requires a good eye and confident movements, otherwise players may second-guess themselves and get stuck, lost, or forget the right path entirely.


Blindfolded is currently available for iOS devices ranging from iPhones to iPads, and can be purchased for $0.99 on the iTunes store. For more information, players can follow the developer on Twitter.

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