Blast Course – Ragemode’s Debut Physics-Based Puzzle Game

Finnish indie game studio Ragemode Entertainment just released their debut game, Blast Course, for iPad 2 or newer. Blast Course is a physical-based puzzle game that tests player reflexes and quick thinking in over 70 levels.
The game is focused on having players get a ball to the goal in each level. Players will also need to collect stars in order to unlock new levels as they play. In order to make sure the ball gets to where it needs to go, players will install and aim various fans and utilize some of the abilities the ball provides. There are three types of fans players have access to, each with distinct purposes: There’s a blowing fan, vacuuming fan, and super-blowing fan. There are also three unique ability types for the ball; they are the bouncy ball, flying ball, and spider ball.
Players will need to plan the route in each level carefully in order to avoid pitfalls and spikes using the different fans and abilities. Blast Course allows players to plan ahead though, installing fans and getting a lay of the land before they let the ball start it’s run. Then, it’s up to trial and error to accurately solve each level, as well as reach any and all of the stars.
Blast Course is currently available on iTunes for $1.99. For more information on any of the developer’s future projects, gamers can follow Ragemode Entertainment on Twitter or Facebook.

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