Blackwell Series Debuts on iOS Today

The Blackwell series of PC games has been highly lauded by reviewers and players alike. Produced by Wadjet Eye Games, the mystery games follow the exploits of Rosa Blackwell, the most recent member of the Blackwell clan to learn she has inherited the family talent for communicating with ghosts, and Joey Mallone, a spirit who assists and guides her in her newfound calling.

According to the press release, “New York is a city that never sleeps in Wadjet Eye Games’ Blackwell mystery adventures, starring pragmatic spirit medium Rosa Blackwell and her wisecracking, spectral sidekick Joey Mallone. Together, this unlikely duo crisscrosses the five boroughs helping confused spirits come to terms with death and pass through the light.”

Charmingly illustrated, with full voice acting and lovely background music, the Blackwell games have been very well received. Now, Wadjet Eye Games is pleased to announce that starting today, the first three games in the Blackwell series are available on iPhone and iPad. Mobile gamers can now experience the supernatural spectacle for themselves through the Apple App Store.

blackwell1In the first game, Legacy, Rosa’s aunt Lauren has been in a coma for twenty years, and has at last passed away. Rosa thinks that now the worst is behind her, until she meets Joey – the sardonic ghost of a man from the 1930s. Joey was Lauren’s spirit guide, and now he has to help Rosa come to terms that she, like many other members of her family, is a medium. While she struggles to accept this, the local university begins to experience a rash of suspicious suicides, and quite against her own wishes, Rosa must delve into the mystery and find out what is really causing these deaths.


The second game, Unbound, takes the player on a trip into the past. Visit New York City in 1973 to help, this time, Lauren Blackwell and Joey Mallone investigate a series of accidents which are plaguing a construction site in midtown Manhattan. The official forces fail to notice anything strange about the scenario, so it falls to Lauren and Joey to prove that the incidents are connected and that something foul is afoot.


Convergence, the third game, returns to the present day and the work of Rosa. What do the opening of a new movie, a Wall Street investor, a downtown artist, and an unoccupied uptown office have in common? Do they have anything in common? Rosa and Joey are about to find out just what the sinister connection is between them all.

The remaining two games in the series, Deception and Epiphany, remain available exclusively for PC; however, Wadjet Eye Games intends to bring them to iOS devices later this year. Currently, the entire series is available from Steam. Plans are also in the works to make the series available to Mac, Linux, and Android gamers as well. Get all the latest from Wadjet Eye Games by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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