Bigfoot Hunter – Teaser Trailer Release

Today, The Tap Lab, an indie game development studio, released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game, Bigfoot Hunter. The trailer shows a bit of everything from the game, including visuals, gameplay, and some other features.

Bigfoot Hunter is a smartphone camera game that puts players on the search for Sasquatch and his many relatives around the world. Players will be able to hold their device like a real camera, and look around for the perfect shot of Sasquatch. They can also tilt their devices forward to move throughout the world, which suggests a light VR experience. The game also features more than one character that players can snap, including the Yeti. They can also use the game to post Sasquatch onto one of the actual photos in their device.

Bigfoot Hunter Museum

Visuals for the game are bright and cartoonish, giving it a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. Players may also take pictures of the many other animals they find as they explore the unique environments in different areas of the world. A few of these animals are rare and quick, requiring steady hands and quick reflexes. These different areas will make up 30 levels of camera-hunting gameplay.

Bigfoot Hunter will be released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Those interested can find out more by following The Tap Lab on Twitter or Facebook as the game continues to develop.

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