Big Pharma Poses the Dilemma: Maximize Profit, or Cure Populations?

Would you choose the big bucks, or have a cleaner conscience but potentially lose customers? That’s the principal question in Big Pharma, the latest economic simulation for those who never thought they could get into creating drugs.

Part engineering puzzle and part business tycoon, Big Pharma tasks the player with heading a Pharmaceutical Conglomerate. Starting out in an empty warehouse, the first machines, when properly arranged next to conveyor belts, start pumping out medicine. An efficient layout is important to turning production cycles into profits, especially since space is expensive. Other important matters for the big pharmaceutical owner include sending out explorers on lengthy trips for ingredients, researching better medication, and properly administering the business aspects of the factory.


But that’s not everything, because other pharma-moguls are on the prowl as well. Rival corporations are busy working on their own cures. In addition, the seasons can affect the popularity of every product, so the special anti-wrinkling tanning spray might not be so hot in the winter. All in all, it’s up to the player whether they want to cure cancer or storm the market with cheap, but not-so-effective medication.


Big Pharma features 35 challenges spread over seven different scenarios. There’s also an endless option available called Free mode, and mod support.

Twice Circled just released Big Pharma on Steam and, where it’s priced at $19.99 (currently discounted from $25). The offer on Steam is listed to last until September 3. Big Pharma owners can open their business on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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