Shining A Light On ‘Bientôt l’été’

bientot cover

Art appreciation is incredibly evident in Tale of Tales most recent title, an artistic and captivating journey, Bientôt l’été.

Bientôt l’été is a simulation game about two lovers, connected through an advanced virtual-reality system, who are separated within the program between vast oceans, deep space, and even, it seems, the expansiveness of the human imagination. The story is told with fragments and extracts from certain pieces of literature, which is all driven by the player.


The game projects the initial image of being an audio-book spoken with an engrossing and enchanting tone, except there is the addition of being enthralled further through the interactivity of it being a game. Bientôt l’été, similar to many of Tale of Tales‘ other games, such as The Path and The Graveyard, appears to have been very well thought out and not only a game, but a piece of art created to savor and enjoy.

You can purchase the game on Tale of Tales‘ site. Of course, feel welcome to follow Tale of Tales on Twitter.