‘Bee Leader’ Goes Free On iOS

Bee Leader

Flightless Limited, the creators of Bee Leader, have just announced that the game has gone free on iOS. For the readers that know me well, I hate any sort of bug. I enjoy games where I can prove by dominance over the little creatures and hate helping them out in anyway. Naturally you’d think I’d hate Bee Leader, but it’s just too damn cute to not love it.

Originally launched back in May, Bee Leader puts you in the role of a leader of a colony of bees where you must collect orbs as you avoid predators and other obstacles while you pollinate flowers. The levels are actually well thought out and unique which is a breath of fresh air.

Originally launched with 12 levels, Bee Leader has since been updated with 3 more levels, a new world, joypad support, social networking support, Game Center leaderboards and achievements, as well as some minor fixes. In the free version you’ll be able to test Bee Leader and purchase the worlds at your content.

We praised Bee leader back in the day for its smooth graphics on the Retina display that would bring up anyone in a bad mood, so picking up the free version is an easy choice.

To pick up Bee Leader full or free, visit the App Store today. Be sure to follow Flightless Limited on Twitter to keep with their future projects.