Become the Hero of Trading in Wizards & Wagons

Ever wonder what happens after the hero vanquishes the great evil? Not immediately, of course, but a few years down the line? People stop cheering when they see their once-grand savior, the riches dry up, and there’s no more great evil to fight. That great hero just becomes a normal, everyday person. This is the story developer Touch Dimensions tell in Wizards & Wagons. Players take the role of a once-great hero, who’s broke, unemployed, and homeless. One day, an entrepreneurial wizard comes by, giving the player a wagon and an offer too good to refuse: Work for him as a trader, and earn enough gold to buy back their lost home.

Wizards and Wagons inventory

To become a master trader, players will have to understand the lay of the land. No two towns are alike; players will have to know what towns have a surplus of goods and which ones have a deficit. Inventory management will play a key role, as there’s only a certain amount of space in the players wagon. Some of that space will be occupied by weapons designed to protect the wagon on long and dangerous journeys from ogres, thieves, and more. Players will explore the world through its various seasons, which also bring about special events. If the player is short on gold, they can join a merchant’s guild, taking on extra quests to earn extra rewards. Assignments or quests from the Commerce Guild are randomly generated, offering the player more variety in their tasks.

Wizards and Wagons on the run

Wizards & Wagons  is expected to  launch exclusively for iOS on November 12 for a one-time charge of$4.99 (USD).  There are no in-app purchases. To learn more about the game visit the official website, and “like” on Facebook. To learn more about Touch Dimensions, visit their website, “like” them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

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