Become an Oil Mogul in Turmoil

Let’s forget for a moment today’s concerns with the oil drilling industry, and transport to 1899. Turmoil is a tongue-in-cheek oil tycoon simulation set during North America’s gold rush in the 19th century.

Gameplay in Turmoil starts out by setting up drill towers. Those dig straight below, and with the help of some kind of futuristic scanner, they detect oil depots in the ground. The substance then starts to seep up and get transported to storage rooms the player builds. There are also horse carriages to employ for the logistic work. Once some of the drilling gets done, the player needs to create an increasingly interconnected pipeline and keep selling it to firms on the left and right, each with fluctuating prices.


As the oil fields turn out profits, oil moguls can turn to building up a city which in turn offers upgrades. For example, the workshop upgrades the various construction parts to make drilling more effective. This is particularly helpful in trying to outdo any rivals, because there’s other entrepreneurs looking to get their share of the black gold. Turmoil‘s gameplay is structured through levels.  The overarching campaign mode has bidding segments between all the hopeful oil tycoons; otherwise, there’s a single map game mode with randomly generated missions.


There’s no multiplayer right now, and the only possible interaction with someone else is to “share seed,” meaning, give them a copy of the same level in order to compare results afterward. There may be leaderboards added later on, but Gamious isn’t sure yet about how they can work multiplayer into Turmoil. With the single player campaign fleshed out, the developers are looking to polish up the art, sound, and gameplay balancing over the next few months.

Turmoil is up on Steam Early Access for $9.99 (Windows only).

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