Become a Tavern Keeper in Fortune’s Tavern

NPCs, or non-playable characters, are rarely ever highlighted much in video games, usually just providing passive roles. In Fortune’s Tavern, you get your chance to play as an owner of an establishment that fantasy guests of various races visit, in more or less rowdy ways. A small UK team is looking to put their finishing touches on the game with a Kickstarter campaign.

You take on the role of Mathias Gambridge, inheritor of the tavern, who gets tasked with the tough job of restoring the establishment to its former glory. As war rages on in the background, elves, humans, and other races stop by the tavern, often naturally at odds with each other. Infestations are a problem too, including rats and the undead, and the innkeeper needs to take care of them personally. Fortune’s Tavern aims to be a fleshed-out simulation, so it’s up to you to build bedrooms, upgrade rooms, hire cooks, and set the menu. It’s a world where you talk to the patrons to find out more information, only this time, it’s from the other side of the counter.

All the management parts are alongside an action RPG system, where you can venture out with the heroes on their quests, helping, watching, and improving the tavern’s menu as result. They can help you fight off invasions as well, and you can organize battles in a pit to settle scores between rowdy guests and bet on the results. Infinite, random quests, plus events, a pet system, and a main questline offer plenty of ongoing tasks for a busy tavernkeep to do.

At this stage, the game is 75 percent done. The Wales-based team, led by developer Michael Flynn, is looking for a relatively small sum, £2800, which will be used on artwork and storyboarding for the main storyline, the tutorial, and professional voice-acting. Fortune’s Tavern is looking to release in Q2 2015 for Windows.

Check out the Kickstarter page if you’d like to help out this fantasy tavern simulator, and follow IGM for future updates on Fortune’s Tavern.

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  • Sara D

    This looks so cool, I’ve been waiting for a game like this. I really hope it makes the funding!