Become A Rhythm Master in You Got Beat

Rhythm games have dominated the gaming market since the first Guitar Hero launched during the PS2 console generation, so most folks tend to draw comparisons from new music games to it. Yet, the North American studio Dawn Patrol Games’ upcoming title You Got Beat is closer to DJ Hero meets Super Hexagon.

In You Got Beat, players will have to touch four circles on a track with great accuracy to raise their scores. As the frenetic electronic beats play, the buttons that must be touched are indicated with a line that goes round them. The more accurate the touch and longer the beat streak, the higher the final score. As a reward for achieving high scores and streaks, players get more gems that can be used to unlock new features in-game.

The game offers six different difficulty levels and over an hour of original songs. Those who want to start slowly can go for 90 BPM songs, and then increase to rates of 110, 130, 150 and 170. If 170 BPM is still not enough, an Endless Mode is also available for nonstop jamming.


You Got Beat will be available on July 9th for free exclusively on iOS devices, and promises not to have in-app purchases; though there will be video ads that players can choose to watch to earn gems. So far there’s no intention to bring the game to other mobile devices or platforms. Further information and updates can be found on the developer’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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