Become a Muse in the Origami World of Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Available now on Steam Early Access, Epistory – Typing Chronicles is a fantasy adventure set in an origami world, controlled entirely via keyboard and relying on typing skills. In Epistory, a writer struggling to produce a new book turns to her muse for help. The player takes on the role of the muse, who rides through the constantly-unfolding landscape on a giant, three-tailed fox. By typing the names of objects or creatures, the player can interact with them and help to move the story forward. Words appear throughout the game landscape, and the player moves through a developing storybook that they must help complete.


Epistory is by Belgian development team Fishing Cactus, and written by Joseph J. Clark. Fishing Cactus has released 35 titles since their establishment in 2009, producing both serious/edugames and casual titles. With its typing mechanics, Epistory bridges these two categories.

Epistory has already been recognized by IGP Paris this year with their Creative PLAY award. The game incorporates puzzles and typing challenges with a dynamic difficulty system that responds to player skill. Fishing Cactus is aiming to add a new chapter to the game roughly every 4-6 weeks, with full release anticipated in early 2016.


Epistory – Typing Chronicles is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam Early Access for $9.99. For more information, check out the game’s website, or visit Fishing Cactus’s website, Facebook, or Twitter.