Become a Master Bug Juggler with Grumblebugs

“This isn’t your little sister’s baby doll make up game. This is serious business.” Serious, indeed, studio Wonderfling – Grumblebugs is about the fun and excitement of juggling small bugs. Despite that, the game developers say, “Sure, Grumblebugs are cute, but it’s pretty hard to focus on that when you’re mind is going a hundred miles an hour and multi-tasking.”


In Grumblebugs, players must multitask to keep their bugs bouncing on the screen. They have to worry about juggling them at the right moment to build a score multiplier, and must evolve them as they bounce. All at once, threats like yetis and seagulls will try to steal the bugs’ food, which is essential for their evolution, and players will need to defend their tiny, bouncing army through swipes, touches, and flicks that will render enemies useless.

In an effort to stop the bugs’ muttering, the developers created 5 colorful zones for them to bounce off of. It seems like that wasn’t enough to placate the tiny arthropods, so Wonderfling has promised a brand new zone each month featuring new locations, backgrounds, enemies, and Grumblebug cameos.

Grumblebugs is already available for free on Android and iOS devices. For an extra challenge, those interested can try to reach the top of local and global leaderboards; there are also a multitude of achievements to complete. Additional information can be found at the developer’s official website and Twitter.

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