Beat Da Beat Is A Bullet Hell, Rhythm Game Hybrid

Beat Da Beat1
There’s a flow to life; a rhythm to it. Developer Nekki Indie’s newest game, Beat Da Beat, is a rhythmic action shooter. Movement, shooting, and actions that happen on the screen are based on musical composition. The game’s soundtrack is composed of a variety of Dubstep artists like TheBiocide, J-Broadway, Levitate, and more.

Players embark on a story filled with action, adventure, heartbreak, and revenge while steering their spaceship through eight chaotic levels. . Players can choose from 10 different starships, each with their own unique fire modes and special abilities that players can use against the game’s 4 bosses. The game offers 4 levels of difficulty: Casual, Normal, Hard and for those looking for a serious challenge, Badass.

Beat Da Beat is out now on the App Store and Google Play for free. To learn more about the game and developer Nekki Indie, visit the game’s official website and Facebook page.

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