Be a Time Lord in ARC: Continuum

ARC Continuum is a 3rd-person action adventure under development by Akimbo Creations, and is currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign for community votes and support. The game follows the story of an intergalactic bounty-hunter-turned-freedom-fighter, who fights in order to rescue an alien species from obliteration.


ARC Continuum grants the hero powers through the use of a device called the ARC, which is capable of giving its wearer the ability to control time. Players begin their journey marooned on an oppressed desert planet called Taraan, where the ARC device is waiting to be found. The game promises tense combat that regularly utilizes the time-altering abilities of the device, as well as deadly puzzles to solve. The detailed, explorable environments are rendered through Unreal Engine 4.  ARC: Continuum also strives to deliver a hybrid of single- and multiplayer gameplay, although there are few details available at this time regarding this feature.


ARC Continuum is tentatively scheduled for the 4th Quarter of 2016 for PC, all of which depends on the success of the Steam Greenlight campaign. For more information on this Akimbo Creations project, follow the developers on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

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