Be a Psychological Savior in The Mind Hero

The mind is a complicated place; its where everything we think and feel lurks, and those, in turn, can affect the body and how it functions. Depression is often treated with medications. What if those medications had not only physical and psychological, but psychic effects? The Mind Hero, by Psycrow, proposes a scenario where this is the case, adding fundamental psychological theory to the mix for a touch of realism. Utilizing the theories of Erik Erikson (who coined the term “identity crisis,” among others), The Mind Hero explores depression, grief, and the efforts of one man in saving the lives (and minds) of seven women trapped in their own psyches.


The puzzle/platformer/dating sim follows 17-year-old Colven, who visits a lab where his family has been working on an experimental antidepressant. His mother has fallen victim to the side effects, which arise from the drug suppressing negative feelings to the point where they cause patients to lapse into a coma. Six other girls were affected, as well; as Colven visits his mother in the ward, he finds that he can enter her mind, as well as those of the other girls. In an effort to help free his mother from the grief she feels about being a part of the research that created this drug, Colven decides to visit the minds of the other girls to help them work through the issues that caused the need for an antidepressant in the first place, so that he can in turn help his mother.

The Mind Hero is currently on Kickstarter, where it has a modest goal of $9,000, and it will be featured at E3 next week. You can also find more information, screenshots, and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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