Be a Math Champion and Earn a Wish in Calcu-Late

James has a problem: his final exam in mathematics is tomorrow, and he has yet to study. The Goddess of Mathematics, Seshat, has offered him a wish granted in exchange for his participation as her champion in a godly math tournament. James’s wish is to merely pass his exam. As James, players must solve a series of puzzles in order to emerge victorious over all of the other gods and their champions.

Cal 1

Developed by Blazing FanFish, Calcu-Late is a 2D adventure with cutscenes separated by math puzzles and battles. Two problem-solving phases are present in every stage. The first is the trial phase, where players must solve a puzzle on their own through critical thinking. In the second, the battle phase, players are pitted against either the computer or AI in a problem-solving war of patience and wits.  Puzzles include matching/memory, as well as logic puzzles using crystals in the environment that light up to create a pattern. When all of the stages have been passed, James will face the other champions to decide who will emerge victorious…and whether he will pass his math exam.

Cal 2

Calcu-Late is currently available on for $5.99 USD, and is playable on Windows PC. A demo is also available for download. More information about Blazing FanFish can be found on their Facebook page.

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