Be a Digitized Ninja Who Scrubs Your Parents’ Computer in Exception

If you have any clue how to use a computer, at some point you will be summoned to fix your parents/grandparents’ computer. You will walk in on somewhere around a dozen new toolbars that stretch so far you can no longer search the internet. More malware than pictures of your newborn cousin (which you had to get off of the digital camera and put on the computer yourself). Viruses essentially having a kegger. Do you dutifully delete and uninstall, or do you digitize yourself, enter the computer, and start jumping around and hacking the vicious code to bits? I would choose Traxmaster Software’s Exception route, myself.

The story is a fun premise to build the futuristic 2D platformer on. Drawing visual inspiration from Tron and N+, the game’s sharp blues and oranges really make the visuals pop. More interesting is when you have to alter the entire stage by touching symbols to progress, causing flipping effects and stage changes straight out of Fez. The game’s quality inspirations don’t stop there, as it also blends the fast-paced platforming of Super Meat Boy and the hack and slash/wall climbing mechanics of Ninja Gaiden, giving players tons of mobility in these dangerous environments. Being able to fight back against the game’s creatures adds another layer of stuff to do, making for a very busy game.


While not due out until 2015, this first look already shows off a game that should be looking pretty nice when it’s done. Watching the stages flip and move across different planes looks like it could potentially be dizzying when trying to keep track of all the things that are trying to kill you, but it should make for some tense gameplay once it all comes together.

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