Battle The Forces Of Evil In “Sang-Froid” Releasing Later This Month


Over the past few months Steam’s Greenlight community has brought in many a great game to the platform ushering in a whole new avenue for indie developers to reach the mass market. Sang-Froid – Tales Of Werewolves (Sang-Froid) recently got accepted onto the platform and is scheduled to be released later this month.

Sang-Froid looks to be a very interesting blend of strategy and third person as you are forced to combat the forces of evil in this heavily tactical based game. In Sang-Froid you spend the day preparing traps for the invasion of the night, strategizing the best solutions to overcome the impending threat and survive the night.

Sang-Froid developed by Artifice Studio portrays a strong and compelling story co-written with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro about Werewolves and all manner of evil in Canada. The games story weaves an epic folk-tale about shamans, magic, devils and wolves in the great white north.

It is also interesting to see Artifice Studio’s design choice in making your character much weaker than the enemies forcing you to rely heavily on your strategic planning during the day to ensure that you can actually survive the night form this impending doom.

Sang-Froid looks to be a very interesting game that tries to do things a little differently to the norm looking to create some truly compelling gameplay. Sang-Froid from Artifice Studio will be released later this month via Steam, however if you pre-purchase now you will get immediate beta access to the game. To find out more be sure to check Artifice Studios site.

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