Battle Mines – Post-Apocalyptic City Building MMO

Take lead of a band of survivors and brave the wastelands as you rebuild civilization, and fight for the right to be the master of Battle Mines. If you’re wondering what a battle mine is, well, it’s a giant mobile construction used for digging, and battle. It is a tool with cranes and drills, covered in guns, and built like a tank.

Battle mines lend safety in a dangerous world.

Battle Mines

Battle Mines features a fully detailed MMO world filled with building, combat, and even some espionage. Players will be tasked with gathering food and supplies across an engaging environment, where giant centipedes roam, mutant plants grow, and the land is surrounded by a rusty, red ocean that is inhabited by sea monsters and the unknown. Along the way, players will encounter a multitude of memorable characters in their quest to bring the people together and rise to victory, becoming a master of the battle mines in the process.

Dive into the exotic, dystopian world over at the official site, and start rebuilding civilization today.

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