Battle Brothers Bursts Onto Steam Early Access

German-based game development company Overhype Studios are excited to announce the Steam Early Access release of their gritty, turn-based strategy RPG Battle Brothers. Released on April 27 for PC, and inspired by titles like X-Com, Warhammer, and Mount & Blade, Overhype Studios explained, “with Battle Brothers we thrive to reflect the creativity, complexity, and originality from the old days when game developers where passionate gamers, not corporate businessmen.”

Strategic World Map

Strategic World Map

In Battle Brothers, players manage a mercenary squad through bloody battlefields in a medieval fantasy world. Using the world map, gamers can decide what towns to visit, which contracts suit their taste, and track enemies worth pursuing. Once players engage in combat, the tactical layer appears, and allows for turn-based encounters. Both maps will be procedurally generated with the overall world left unscripted, so that player actions can alter the balance of the setting.


Tactical combat map

Individual characters come with diverse backstories and plenty of customization options. Perks can be acquired by any unit, as Battle Brothers removes class-based progression systems from its experience. Equipment offers players a range of choices, including maces that stun enemies, shield-splitting axes, phalanx maneuvers with spear-wielders, or armor piercing war-hammers. Permadeath in combat ensures that gamers will likely be making regular town visits, to resupply and hire new soldiers. Fellow mercenaries, orcish hoards, and the undead are just some of the enemies that adventurers will encounter throughout the game.

For details on future update plans, along with additional screenshots and tutorial videos, visit the Battle Brothers Steam Page and development blog.

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