Bad Juju, Indeed – Desura’s New Owner Files for Bankruptcy

bad juju logoWhen Bad Juju, Inc. purchased Desura from Linden Labs in November 2014, developers began to notice that payments were arriving late, with no explanation as to what the issue was. There was even quite a long Reddit thread about the issue, which garnered enough attention for Linda Morrison (Head of Developer Relations for Bad Juju) to make a public statement explaining a plan for future automated payments. The reason for the late payments was explained as an issue with the challenge of buying a website that needed an overhaul, made more complicated by the recent and unexpected hospitalization of an employee who was given the task of overseeing payments in the meantime.

Today, Bad Juju announced that they have filed for bankruptcy (link directs to a site where the basic historical documents can be viewed for free, but an email sign-up is required in order to do so – the case number and company name are clearly stated at the top, however). While the details beyond the initial filing are not yet available, some game developers (such as Project Zomboid‘s team) are encouraging Desura users to redeem their Steam keys for games, or download the DRM-free versions, if applicable. Steam stated in 2013 that, should Valve go under for some reason, they will do everything in their power to keep users from losing access to games, so time will tell if Desura is able to make the same promise, or if they will simply cease to exist in the near future.

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