Awesomenauts Gets More Awesome on PS4 with Frozen Frontier Update

awesomeOne of the bigger MOBAs, Awesomenauts, which jumped from console to PC then back to next-gen consoles, is getting a big injection of awesome. The PlayStation 4 version is receiving the Frozen Frontier update, which revamps a lot of the game’s system in addition to some new content.

At the frontier of changes is the Scoop of Justice, a brand new, free character for all users. Scoop is a tanky melee character with abilities to freeze enemies in their tracks and to heal himself. One of the playable maps, AI Station 205, is getting revamped with two lanes, improved graphics, and new hazards. The original version of this map, AI Station 404, is still selectable in Practice and Lobby matches. The content additions are rounded out by new AIs for bots created by the community, new menu music, and a few new skins for the heroes.

Also noteworthy are system and balance reworks in the patch. A huge deal is the removal of “loadouts,” the pre-selection of purchasable skills to take into battle from a wider selection. Instead, characters will be able to purchase any skills available to them during battle.


“From a design perspective the loadout system was meant to increase item build options, but what we found was that it actually works quite the opposite,” Ronimo Games writes in a forum post. “With the ever increasing size of the Awesomenauts team, new gameplay, situations, added mechanics and with no information on enemy team composition or selected level players were forced to pick the best items for every situation before the battle.”

Additionally, all damage numbers get multiplied by 10 — and while this doesn’t mean everyone dies a lot faster, it does help the developers get a bit more specific with balancing the hurt that the characters output. Lastly, there are some slight network performance improvements and increased Solar reward for killing enemy players.

The patch is out on PlayStation 4 right now, but you can head over to the Awesomenauts forums for a detailed listing on what the patch notes entail for each of the galactic gladiators.

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  • ajohnston627

    Severely damaged. Takes forever to get a game, then no rematch option. The new shop is very hard to read. My favourite game is in bad shape.

  • ajohnston627

    Oh, and the new shop has a refund button, but it is the same button that closes the shop