Awaken to a World Overrun by Alien Bosses in [Daydreamer]

Considering how I would react if I saw a room-filling, fleshy beast covered in tentacles busting into my classroom, I think Olivia handles herself pretty well in the trailer for Roland Womack’s [Daydreamer]. No screaming. No panicking. Just pack up a blaster and a fuzzy turtle and set to work dealing with the aliens that left you suspended in a hyperbaric chamber for a thousand years. I don’t know, I think I would at least need to sit down for a minute when I saw the whole world bobbing up and down like ocean waves.


Whatever a “transcendental metaphysical clairvoyant spiritually-evolved crystal child” is, it’s something players will have to concern themselves with during the constant onslaught of huge, weird alien bosses that have populated the land of [Daydreamer]. Drawing inspiration from games like Mega Man and Gunstar Heroes, [Daydreamer] features fast combat using multiple weapons as you face down an array of monsters and bosses while crossing Olivia’s ruined homeworld looking for her brother. A variety of weapons are there to back her up as she talks to the mutated populace, and she can gain fuzzy new animal helper allies to help in her fight as well.


Womack has a real interest in the visual style of his games, feeling that most modern computers are more than capable of handling HD sprites. Creating these landscapes filled with fuzzy clouds and fluid, sickening beasts isn’t cheap though, and he has started a Kickstarter to get some of the money he needs to continue his work on the graphically-intensive project.


For more information on [Daydreamer] and Roland Womack, you can head to his site or follow him on YouTube and Twitter.

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