Average Giants Episode 43 pt 1 – Windward


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Tonight we met up with @Arenmook to chat about his game Windward, where the high seas are your playground, and the speed of the wind and your cannonballs can mean victory or death depending on how good your crew is.


You take on the role of a ship in this RTS MMO mash up inspired by Sid Meier’s Pirates. Choosing from four initial factions gives you a choice of exactly how you like to play and how you gain experience, as you travel the sea’s either alone, with, or against friends. Over time, your ship gains new upgrades through both item slots and a robust talent system, allowing you to specialize towards MMO classics like tanking, damage, or support.

If you have more questions about Windward, make sure to check their Early Access page on Steam.

Original Air Date: January 5, 2015

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