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Pay-What-You-Want For The ‘Blendo Games’ Bundle

For just $1 or more, you can get a DRM-Free copy of Flotilla, Atom Zombie Smasher, and Air Forte, as well as Thirty Flights of Loving if you pay above the average. [youtube]   Flotilla is a strategy..

Jason Rohrer Releases ‘The Castle Doctrine’ Alpha

Jason Rohrer is at it again with a massively-multiplayer game with disturbing implications. While a both, a game of defense and a game of burglary, The Castle Doctrine asks the player to make some tough decisions that will..

First-Look At ‘Shadowrun Returns’ Gameplay Walkthrough

The wonderful world of cyberpunk and fantasy is returning in Harebrained Schemes‘ Shadowrun Returns. Today they released their first gameplay walkthrough, which goes through twenty minutes of a side-mission in a secret laboratory and the Pike Place..

‘Pursued’ Blends Gameplay With Google Maps

Have you ever been abducted only to escape captivity and find yourself in an unfamiliar place? Hopefully not, but for those of us who want to try our luck at a great escape, Pursued is available..