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Music Bundle For BIT.TRIP Lovers

A new Game Music Bundle  entitled BIT.TRIP Lovers’ Bundle, it includes all the soundtracks from the BIT.TRIP game series and, as a surprising change to the Game Music Bundles, a game is included, depending on..

IndieCade East Has Started!

IndieCade, a festival created to shine light onto the world of independent games, has had plans to travel East for a while. Whether you’ve simply forgotten of the event or are new to the prospect..

Shining A Light On ‘Bientôt l’été’

Art appreciation is incredibly evident in Tale of Tales‘ most recent title, an artistic and captivating journey, Bientôt l’été. Bientôt l’été is a simulation game about two lovers, connected through an advanced virtual-reality system, who..

‘Dungeon Lore’ Now Available For Windows/Mac

Recently released as an iOS-only title, Dungeon Lore, by 3DAttack, is now available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Dungeon Lore is a turn-based role playing game and although despite being a port, there are..

Free-to-Play ‘NinjaPVP’ In Development

NinjaPVP, a debut project from the company Ninjutsu Games, is well under way and far along in development. NinjaPVP is defined as a free-to-play, persistent multiplayer online game. The gameplay focuses on fast-paced third-person combat..

Browser game: ‘Zombierun’ nearing completion

Independent developer, Indrek Vändrik, is currently working on a browser-based game called Zombierun, a one-man project that has been in development for around 6 months and is nearing completion. Currently sitting around 70% complete, Zombierun..

Strategize: ‘Air Buccaneers’ guide, now available

Ludocraft, the company behind Air Buccaneers, has teamed up with GamerGuides to provide beginner and veteran players alike with an expansive and comprehensive guide for the game Air Buccaneers. This is excellent news for those..

‘Space Nomads’ Preparing For Lift-Off

You know what’s enjoyable? Exploration. And you know what makes that better? Exploring outer-space. Welcome to the first project by Loading Studios: the other-worldly game, Space Nomads. This title falls amongst the survival and tower-defense..