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Search for… ‘X-Orbtek II’

Search for… is a series which champions hidden gems you may not be aware of. Regardless of platform, age, or popularity, if an indie game is worth digging for we’ll feature it. You can find..

Nightmarish Side-Scroller ‘Sciophobia’ Announced

Decaying Logic, the London-based developers of RADical Roach and the in-progress I Will Survive, have revealed their newest project,  a dark and intriguing side-scroller by the name of Sciophobia. Sciophobia, which means ‘a fear of shadows’, stars a..

Hefty Free Update for ‘Invertical’ Released

Richard Adams, also known as Oxygen Addict, has just released a significant new update for his puzzle platformer Invertical. The update boasts a significant amount of improvements, and is generously offered for free to those who have purchased..