Evan Spadaccini

Evan would shun you and your children if they didn’t know who shot first in Episode 4. Lover of all things geek, he spends the day trying to figure out answers to questions like is Batman a worse mentor than Green Arrow? Or Did Spider-Man really make a deal with the Devil to make everyone forget his true identity or was that just a delusion brought upon by heat stroke? In his spare time, Evan enjoys a nice martini, a manhattan or a scotch along with a good game, whether it be a MOBA, RPG, Shooter or an RTS.

Mable & The Wood card

Magic Comes at a Price in Mable & The Wood

Based off of a 48-hour game jam held back in April 2015, developer Triplevision Games Mable & the Wood takes players into a world where the color is draining due to...


Unleash Adorable Fluffy Hell in Kitten Rampage

Ah kittens, they’re the internet’s favorite pass time. Adorable little balls of fluff and cuteness. How could one ever think less of these little godsends; that’s...

Candlelight logo

Run Brave Little Candle Run in Candlelight

Grab onto courage and hold fast as the world descends into darkness. The only light, the only hope in the world, rests on the head of one terrified looking individual....

March of the Living Banner

Unlucky to be Alive in March of the Living

When society falls and humanity is on the brink of extinction and all that is left is a glimmer of hope, what does one do? Do they fight with everything they’ve...

Worlds Fastest Pizza logo

Delivery in Thirty Minutes or Less
in World’s Fastest Pizza

Take a moment to reflect all the hard work pizza delivery boys have done, and the dedication made to ensure the masses are well fed with hot cheesy goodness. Their hard...


Vanquish Adorable Monsters in Oddhop

When one comes across a group of adorable creatures, there’s only one thing to do. Eliminate them all save for one so that it can run back to tell the rest of it’s...


Punch Evil in it’s Stupid Face in ZHEROS

There’s only one way to deal with evil, and that is to punch it in it’s dastardly face over and over again. Don’t argue, it’s science (Editors note: There is no...

Valk Unit Zero splash

Ride with the Valkyrie Again and Again in Valk Unit Zero

Valk Unit Team’s new game is a mix between a Choose Your Own Adventure story and the movie Groundhog Day. Players will make choices that will lead to different...

Sprinter logo

Don’t Stop Running in Sprinter

No good can come from running away from the past. It’s relentless, ruthless, and no matter how far someone runs, it catches up with them.  Light Step Games’s new...

Kill to Collect art

You are the Last Line of Justice in ‘Kill to Collect’

Strap on some high tops and flip on the neon lights, Pieces Interactive’s newest top-down roguelike game, Kill to Collect is an homage to 80s cyberpunk manga. Players...