Evan Spadaccini

Evan would shun you and your children if they didn’t know who shot first in Episode 4. Lover of all things geek, he spends the day trying to figure out answers to questions like is Batman a worse mentor than Green Arrow? Or Did Spider-Man really make a deal with the Devil to make everyone forget his true identity or was that just a delusion brought upon by heat stroke? In his spare time, Evan enjoys a nice martini, a manhattan or a scotch along with a good game, whether it be a MOBA, RPG, Shooter or an RTS.

Grasslands 3

Treasures of Arcania Loots the Sidescrolling RPG genre

Treasures of Arcania is a new 2D side scrolling RPG by Scotland-based indie developer Donut Tiger Games. Set in the titular Arcania, players must hack, slash, explore,...


Red Game Without a Great Name Seems Pretty Self-critical

Red Game Without a Great Name is a new 2D puzzle arcade game from Poland-based indie developer iFun4all. The game takes place in a dangerous Steampunk-themed world with...

Unnamed Fiasco 01

Unleash Mustachioed Fury in Unnamed Fiasco

Brazil-based indie developer Unnamed Fiasco Team recently announced their debut title, Unnamed Fiasco. The game is a 2D local multiplayer arena shooter. Unnamed Fiasco...


Mythos The Awakening Heads to IndiGoGo

Finnish indie developer Blackland Games has announced a crowdfunding campaign for their new title, Mythos The Awakening. The small, 5-man studio is formed by experienced...

Albion Online_Guild vs Guild

Albion Online Entering Summer Alpha Phase

Sandbox Interactive’s cross-platform medieval style sandbox MMO, Albion Online, is entering its Summer Alpha phase this week. The game offers players extensive...


It’s Raining Cats… Just Cats in Fort Meow

Fort Meow is a new pillow-fort-based puzzle adventure from developer Upper Class Walrus and publisher Surprise Attack Games (as also seen in IGM’s regular...

Pizza Express

Order Up Service with a Saucy Smile in Pizza Express

Pizza Express is a new game developed by one-man studio, Onni Interactive. Players are thrown into the role of a pizzeria manager in a game reminiscent of Diner Dash. It...


People Can Fly Now Flying Solo

Epic Games and People Can Fly have announced that the Warsaw-based team will return to its original name, logo, and roots as an independent game studio. Ownership of the...

dawnofsteel-screenshot-01 adjusted

Dawn of Steel Takes a Strong Flanking Position on Mobile

Dawn of Steel, the new game in development at Superweapon and published by Flaregames, seeks to capture real-time strategy for mobile platforms. The game puts players on...