Attack of the Alien Robot Monsters to Storm Multiple Platforms

Finnish developer Kraftix Games is putting the finishing touches on Attack of the Alien Robot Monsters – A.R.M. for short – which tasks players with defending the world from, well, Alien Robot Monsters.

A.R.M. is a tower defense game, but it tries to differentiate itself from other members of the genre by giving players the ability to remove the units garrisoned in a tower and move them around the map, shunting gameplay into a kind of RTS/tower defense hybrid. Units can upgrade their armor, weapons, and classes, allowing each group of units to progress into more specialized (and more powerful) roles. Spec Ops units, for example, can take out enemies without much danger to themselves, while Heavy units excel at putting out large amounts of bullets quickly.

ARM screenshot

The game is releasing on September 10th, and is launching on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, as well as for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices. The game will cost 5.99 EUR (about $6.50 USD) for the basic game on Steam, and 7.99 EUR (about $8.75 USD) for the deluxe edition, which includes the soundtrack for the game. As for mobile devices, the game will be free, but will include in-app purchases.

Those interested in learning more about A.R.M. can visit Kraftix Games’ website. Kraftix can also be followed on Twitter or Facebook.

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