‘Atomic Ninjas’ Released On PSN, Heading To PC

As a nostalgic fan of games like Super Smash Bros, every potential new addition to the collection of quality 2.5 arena games gets me excited. Atomic Ninjas from Grip Games is a new contender to be in that painfully short list of goodness.

Atomic Ninjas

Atomic Ninjas lets the player control one of seven ninjas in an arena filled with traps, item pickups and powerups. From the trailer it seems the game looks more fast paced than most 2.5d arena games.


Atomic Ninjas released earlier this month on PS3 and Vita, and has just been announced to be incoming for PC. Already posted on Greenlight, Grip Games also have plans to release on Desura when the game is finished. No word yet on when that may be.

If Atomic Ninjas looks like your kind of game, you can check it out on Greenlight or play it on Playstation 3 and Vita now.

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