Astrons – 2D Science Fiction Vehicle Builder and Adventure Simulator

Astrons is a 2D science fiction adventure simulator that allows gamers to design and test their own land-based ship to explore the surface of an empty and unknown world. Two developers in Hungary, Barnabas “Barney” Laszloffy and Krisztian “Chriss” Panits, are the only people working on the game, and they’ve recently released a free tech demo in order to showcase the basic features of Astrons.


The process to design and create a vehicle seems to allow for freestyle creation using specific points to outline the overall shape of the ship. Different components can then be added to allow different actions, such as treads for mobility and a drill to dig into the rocky surface of the planet to search for resources. Astrons then allows players to paint their ship and test it with different methods, in order to make sure that the ship design will work and can move along different surfaces with ease. Once that’s done, players can use their ship to start exploring the uneven and rocky surface of a planet.

update screenshot1

The tech demo currently offers the ship editor, map editor, and a prototype of the actual gameplay. These represent the basic features of the game, not including a time trial mode that was recently added. The two-man team promise to add a story mode, multiplayer, and hundreds of tools and gadgets to the final product.

Astrons currently has an IndieGoGo campaign to fund it, and can be voted for on Steam Greenlight. Astrons is currently set to be released for PC, Mac, and Linux desktop platforms. Look forward to future updates and previews for this game right here on IGM!

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