Assess & Overcome Your Situation in Long Live the Axe


Why would someone throw away a perfectly good axe? I find myself asking this question constantly as I move from room to room in Long Live the Axe, Superb Lizard’s neat action platformer. With each new room comes different dangers for our unnamed pixelated hero, most of which are compounded by the fact that he refuses to hold onto a weapon as he enters a door. (Although, to be fair, it does seem rather impolite to enter a room with a weapon drawn.)


Long Live the Axe is a simple action platformer, but one where you must assess your situation in each room and figure out what the game wants you to do there. Every single chamber is a self-contained puzzle or combat situation, and everything you need to get through it will be within that room. This often means the game will teach you its combat/platforming options by forcing the player to try things out. If stuck for long enough against an enemy that throws sharp blades, or in a chamber where the only exit seems high up, the player will eventually find out that they can do something about it. Players always has everything they need, but must figure out if there is some aspect of the controls, combat, or room that they have not already used to figure things out.


Attempting to deliver a sense of satisfaction in solving puzzles, as well as how to use the gameplay, Long Live the Axe looks to give players an experience that’s a bit more complex and demanding than just cutting down pink bats and skeletons. Available in Early Access for $3 on, the game is looking to provide some interesting, more puzzle-like combat to action platformer fans.


For more information on Long Live the Axe and its developer, you can go to the developer’s page, or follow them on Twitter. You can also grab the soundtrack from Bandcamp, or follow the composer on Twitter.

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