Asher – A World of Masks and Nightmares

“A young boy emerges, desperate to rescue his sister from the grasp of his nightmares.” Asher is that young boy, and his dreams are plagued with ghouls, beasts, and platforming challenges that vex him as he searches for his sister, Lila, who is trapped in the midst of the chaos. Dan Lagace is the solo developer behind the retro-inspired 8-bit game, featuring a gameplay mechanic centered around the collection of masks for abilities.


Players must explore different nightmare worlds, picking up 10+ mask classes (all upgradable on their own) in order to gain special skills to defeat bosses that stand between them and being a hero. Solving puzzles and collecting gold, Asher can be made to specialize his masks through skins, either by cashing in loot dropped by enemies, or by utilizing boss drops. The RPG elements of Asher include creating the ultimate combination of mask + skin in order to maximize health, crit, mana, wisdom, and luck. Enemies include piranhas in wooded lakes, and fire-juggling jesters in a twisted circus of horror.


Lagace is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for Asher, with a goal of $1,800 pledged by August 22 in order to complete the game. To show support and help Lagace get Asher on Steam, those interested can also vote for the project on Greenlight.

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