ASA- A Space Adventure is “Myst in Space”

Recently remastered and Greenlit on Steam, ASA- A Space Adventure is an adventure point & click title of moody ambiance and challenging puzzles. In the beginning, the player is shown a cinematic where an astronaut jumps off a ship to grab a black cube floating in space. Realizing that their oxygen tether is too short for them to reach the cube, they remove the pistol from their holster and sever the line. In a desperate attempt to achieve scientific advancement for humanity, they grasp the cube and float into space, losing life support before eventually blacking out.


This is where the player picks up, regaining consciousness on an alien space station, after realizing that the cube’s teleportation technology brought them there. The mysteries of the power and potential of this cube drive the player to keep searching for answers, after having the cube stolen from them at gunpoint after waking up on the station. To keep the story infused into the gameplay, the player can find chips of an¬†astronaut’s diary kept on their discoveries of the strange space expedition. From finding other intelligent life on another planet to pondering the ancient mysteries of an alien race, the astronaut has witnessed some incredible advancements, which have ultimately led him to leave his family behind back on Earth to pursue his discovery until the end.


The game features clickable components to find objects, and puzzle components that will unlock new areas of the station in an attempt to recover the black cube. It is highly recommended that players keep a pad and pen handy, as it’s one of those adventure games where a lot of recording will take place. Some of the earliest puzzles require language deciphering, coordinate graphing, and by the time it’s over, the player is left with a notebook full of strange markings making them look like an obsessed Ufologist.

The remastered edition, developed by Ice House Collective, offers a fresh update on the game, redone in a new engine. ASA- Remastered is described as an adventure puzzle game right in the same vein as Myst. It is the first game in the Black Cube Series, and can be found on Steam for $14.99 with support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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