Armello Launches In Early Access

It’s been a long time coming, but the developers at League of Geeks have released their game Armello on Steam’s Early Access. Interested players (and readers of our wildly popular November issue, which featured Armello as the cover story) are now able to try their hand at the digitized love letter to tabletop board games and help the development process of a game that’s been in the works from paper concept to digital implementation since 2011.


Armello is an adventure game that combines RPG features with the strategy needed for card and board games. The experience is promised to be a personal and story-fueled experience with multiple player choices and events that can make every play through unique.

Players will be able to play as a Hero from one of the four animal clans available, and navigate their fully animated characters across a procedurally-generated 3D board, split into hex tiles. Armello allows players to quest and explore the world, vanquish monsters, scheme personal plots, perform the royal edicts of a once-proud king who has descended into madness, and eventually, with a little luck, storm the palace and become the new King or Queen of Armello.


Armello is currently available on Steam for $24.99 (On sale for $19.99 until January 29) for PC, Mac, and Linux. For future updates on the game’s progress, gamers can follow the game on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll have a hands-on preview of the game out next week, so stay tuned for that as well.

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