Arc Runner – Unique Tile Game

Arc Runner is an upcoming, unique tilt game developed by a team of only two developers. It promises to test the limits of a player’s balance and skill with an initial 20 levels, with more soon to come.

The game tasks gamers with moving a small black circle, called the Arc Runner, to it’s home. The game consists of having to navigate through a number of spinning partial circles, or Arcs. As the levels progress, players will deal with more arcs that will spin at varying speeds and directions. There are also some levels where the arcs are larger than the screen, effectively restricting the player’s movements.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 Jul 2014 8.23.57 pm

Controlling the Arc Runner will be as simple as tilting the mobile device in a specific direction, though the trailer didn’t show how sensitive these controls might be. Beyond this point of attention, it is true that the simplicity of these controls will likely make the game easy to learn.The increased difficulty of later levels will also test the player’s mastery of these controls. How difficult these levels will turn out to be may depend on the sensitivity of the controls.

Arc Runner is set to be released sometime this week for iOS mobile devices. Look forward to a review in the near future.

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