‘AR-K’ Devs Ask for Funding for Remaining Episodes


As the Indie Game Magazine’s resident point-and-click adventure fan, I feel compelled to point out the Kickstarter for AR-K, an upcoming episodic series of adventure games. The title may sound familiar from the 2011 release of first episode of Gata Salvaje Studios’ comedy sci-fi game series, Sex, Lies and Classwork. The first episode told the story of Alicia – a journalism student living in a utopian society who tries to solve the mystery of the life changing golden sphere, while dealing with day-to-day problems.

Gata Salvaje Studios has asked for funding to help finishing developing three more episodes of AR-K. These new episodes promise better writing than the first, with the help of comic book writer Greg Rucka. The Kickstarter page brags that Rucka is known as a writer of strong women characters, so I am sure he will be a welcome addition after the first episode’s somewhat poor English translation.  Also added to the team is Ash Sroka, voice actress of fan-loved Tali Zorah from the incredibly popular Mass Effect trilogy.


The most impressive aspect of the campaign is their goal to use funding for adapting the game for the visually impaired. Spending limited funds and development time on a feature a lot of developers consider optional or as a ‘eh, maybe one day’ feature like this is applause worthy. We’ll see how detailed the feature is when episode two releases, but until then Gata Salvajae has asked for your funding. If you aren’t sure, why not download the free first episode of AR-K?

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