Apply Careful Strategy for Explosive Mayhem in Mammoth Gravity Battles

Mammoth Gravity Battles is a turn-based strategy shoot-out game developed by Mammoth Thoughts, currently available for Android devices. The game seems inspired by Worms Armageddon and other similar games, but with the twist of using 3D environments and gravity from multiple sources.


The game involves different ships controlled by large alien mammoths firing shots across space that weave and arc along the gravity of different interstellar matter. Many of these, namely asteroids and planets, are also destructible, allowing the battlefield to effectively change the longer the battle goes on. The game includes a single player campaign boasting 60 missions with a variety of objectives, ranging from destroying a particular planet to protecting supply convoys in dangerous space. There is also a multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players to take part at once. Each of these modes also allows the option of either 2D or 3D challenges depending on how comfortable the players are with making the calculations in their heads for accurate shots. Different weapons will allow for different bullet trajectories, and players can equip themselves with weapons like rockets and frag grenades.


Gamers can purchase Mammoth Gravity Battles for $0.99 on Google Play, and can expect iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux ports in the future. For more information on this and future projects, follow the game on Twitter or like the developer’s Facebook page!

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