Apocalypse Cow Looking to Get Steam Approved

We have talked about this game before, and here we are talking about it again, with a brand-spanking new gameplay trailer to go along with it. And the trailer doesn’t disappoint, showing off what is looking to be some solid platforming, ample amounts of destruction, while also letting us get to see even more of Penny’s – the heroine of the story – personality, and the humor that will be featured in the game.

Aside from the lovely new trailer, the developer, Monsters, have also launched a Steam Greenlight campaign, so that hopefully Apocalypse Cow can find a home on Steam in time for its release during the Fall of this year. With that in mind, those that are as excited for this game as myself should head over to its Greenlight page and give it a “Yes” vote, or otherwise help spread the word around, so that those that may not know about the Cow can learn of its glory.

Apocalypse Cow Part 1 – The Hair will be available in the Fall of this year, while next year will see the release of Monsters next title, Hybris, a psychological-puzzle-thriller. For more information on Monsters, be sure to check out their website and give their Twitter a follow. And for some lighthearted humor, as well as updates on the game, give Penny’s Twitter a follow as well.

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