Another Round: ‘Defender Chronicles II’ Coming This Month To iOS

Gimka Entertainment have announced a follow-up to its acclaimed iOS tower defense game, Defender Chronicles: Legend of the Desert King.

Going under the guise of Defender Chronicles II: Heroes of Athelia, the game will launch on iOS devices on May 24th. Like its predecessor, Defender Chronicles II¬†will feature side-scrolling tower defense gameplay in a fantasy setting, although this sequel will inject a host of new heroes into the fray for more varied gameplay sessions. With four playable characters, the game promises to sport plenty of replayability and tactical variety as players experiment with new play styles and strategic mindsets during Defender Chronicles II‘s substantial single-player campaign.

Also new to the Defender Chronicles¬†franchise is the new version’s level system, which allows players to upgrade their characters with new skill sets and attribute trees. Of course, all the loot from the original is back in force, along with plenty of new additions to keep hardcore series devotees occupied. A tower defense game with RPG and dungeon crawler elements, then? Seems so.

To receive updates on Defender Chronicles‘ ongoing development, check out its Facebook page. Avid fans can also discuss matters in more depth over on the game’s official forum.