Animal Park Tycoon – Windows Phone Users to Feed Captive C’thulhu

If, like myself, you’ve lost more than a few hours to zoo-simulators in your lifetime, you’ll be pleased to know that Windows Phone 8 users now have their very own; Animal Park Tycoon. AMA, the studio behind this wildlife-flaunting title are handing over the keys to the animal kingdom for free on the Windows Store, so you’ll be making imaginary profits from the very first zoo-goer that walks through your gates.


It’ll be up to you how many of these people are attracted to your zoo, too, as each aspect can be completely customised, giving you control over just how successful, and unique, your park is. Choose the animals that inhabit your park, and the enclosures, terrains, decorations, attractions and stands that surround them, all contributing in their own way to your personal masterpiece. All the usual creatures will be making an appearance, along with a few surprises. You may not know how much you’d pay to see C’thulhu at the zoo, but Animal Park Tycoon will have you thinking about it. Or maybe that’s just me…


Zoo-keeping isn’t all fun and games, though. In order to run the best animal park around you’ll need to manage the day-to-day tasks of parklife; such as cleaning, maintenance, budgeting and animal care. There will be a delicate balance between the happiness of your animals and visitors – hopefully some fencing, too – and your management skills will be put the test if you’re aiming for the top.

AMA’s Animal Park Tycoon is out now, optimised for Windows Phone 8, and you’d better hurry, because it’s feeding time at the zoo, and C’thulhu doesn’t like to be kept waiting.