Angry Birds 2 Will Fly at the End of July

Rovio, the developers behind the popular mobile game, Angry Birds, have announced that the direct sequel is set to hit mobile markets on July 30. With over 3 billion downloads since 2009, Angry Birds is one of the most successful mobile games around, and Angry Birds 2 is a long time coming. Piggy-smashing is back!


In the original game, players would use a variety of different birds to smash structures created by pigs; the pigs had stolen the birds’ eggs, and payback was the endgame. The challenge ramped up with more complicated structures, limited numbers of special bird types, and more pigs to defeat. Other variations of Angry Birds have been released over the years, such as special promotional versions, like Angry Birds Transformers, and Angry Birds Star Wars.

title with release date

Birds that split into multiple missiles, birds that acted as time bombs upon landing, and plain old projectiles are possibly on the docket for Angry Birds 2, as well, though Rovio isn’t releasing details about the game until July 28, when they’ll be appearing at an event in San Francisco.

To sign up for updates about the release of Angry Birds 2, visit the website. Follow Angry Birds on Twitter and Facebook for more information and screenshots as they’re released. Angry Birds 2 will be available for iOS and Android devices on July 30. Are you excited for the bird-flinging sequel, or are you feeling finished with the pig-exploding action, and the endless merchandise it spawned? Let us know in the comments below!

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