Anew Gets A New Trailer And It’s Pretty


Anew is the first game from Resonator, a development team composed of veteran game developers Steve Copeland (EA/Bioware) and Jeff Spoonhower (EA/2K). As an open-world action platformer, Anew has players traversing through the game’s alien landscape trying to figure out how they, a child, woke up on this strange moon, light-years away from Earth.

Resonator promises plenty of action and puzzles for players to enjoy as they collect and upgrade weapons and gear vital to their survival on this beautiful, but deadly, moon.

Setting the tone for Anew’s environment is crucial, so Resonator brought composer Wilbert Roget II into the game’s production. Previously Roget composed music for Dead Island 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Earlier today Resonator released a brand new teaser trailer for Anew which showcases some of the combat and enemy types that players will encounter in the game.

No release date for Anew has been set, but you can keep your eyes on the game’s development on Twitter.

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  • Game looks awesome. Despite hiring some big guns for the score, the lack of music in the trailer makes it pretty dramatic. Anything resembling Super Metroid gets a thumbs up in my book. :)